We offer a diverse range of financial products, in multiple markets, over numerous platforms.

Our mission is to deliver superior asset performance and unparalleled client service through consistent active management processes across a diverse range of asset classes.

At Consecutus we believe that if our services enable our clients to become successful then we will be successful too.

With the wealth of experience and professional knowledge throughout our team we have become market leaders in many areas and we continually strive to provide innovation and diversification to our discerning client base whilst satisfying their needs.

The market opportunities that we have exposure to offer our private, corporate and institutional client base financial opportunities in both bear and bull markets. As professionals, our mission is to identify those opportunities that will help our clients achieve their objective, regardless of the global economic climate.

We have developed and proven investment strategies to achieve sustainable positive returns over the long term. Our principles for risk management are solid and well-structured which enables us to protect our clients’ interests from adverse market moves.


Our analytical research team work tirelessly to provide detailed and fundamental analysis to clients, regardless of the market opportunities that they wish to pursue, which allows our advisors to offer the most up-to-date information available.

Unlike many of our competitors, this research is available to both our retail and institutional clients alike as the fulfilling of each and every clients’ personal objectives is our aim.

Our research and analytical forecasting is widely regarded as being among the best in the industry and has played a part in us winning our many awards. It has also benefited our entire client base who take advantage of the opportunities that many of our competitors fail to see.

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We are a private, independent investment
management company, which primarily operates
through a diverse group of client advisors, fund
managers and an adept team of analytical

Consecutus capital’s unique partnership
approach alignes incenitives through
equity ownership and preserves the entrepreneurial
orientation that distinguishes the most successful
investment management firms.